Abisal awarded with Gazele Biznesu 2016 prize


On 1 February in the Academy of Music in Katowice there was a prize-giving ceremony of Gazele Biznesu, the award for the most developing companies in Silesia. Abisal sp. z o.o. was one of the laureates. It ranked first among all the companies from Bytom and among all the companies from sports sector in Silesia.


Gazele Biznesu is a ranking of the most developing small and medium companies. The financial results of all the nominated entities are analyzed and more than eighty aspects are taken into account. To get nominated for the title of Gazela Biznesu 2017 each company must comply with many conditions, such as recording the revenue growth in the last three years, with no single loss during this period.

During the celebration in the Karol Szymanowski School of Music in Katowice Abisal sp. z o.o. joined the elite group of Gazele Biznesu winners. The first position among all the companies from Bytom and the first position among all the Silesian companies in sports sector is a great honor. It was possible thanks to the revenue growth of 156% in 2013-2015.

Abisal sp. z o.o.

Anna Ferdyn, Financial Director of Abisal sp. z o. o., represented the company during the award ceremony. (Foto. “Puls Biznesu”)