Rollers – how to choose the right product for yourself?


The basic rule of using a roller, both before and after training, is the right selection. This is extremely important because a well-chosen roller can do wonders. But if we choose the wrong one we can even hurt ourselves.

The most important features to consider when buying equipment are: hardness, size, surface, maximum load.


Roller hardness is determined by two factors: the material from which it was made (eg EVA or EPE) and the density of the material – the roller is heavier and harder if the material is thicker. Increased density also means less deformation of the roller surface. In addition, the roller can have a hard inner core, which is also important in massage – it allows for more effective deep massage.

Hard rollers are dedicated to: well-trained people, people with less muscle tension, people with more developed muscles.

Soft rollers are designed for: beginners, very slim figure, people with low muscle mass, people with a low threshold of pain.

Hardness can be expressed on a Shore scale (from 0 to 100 degrees), it makes easy to compare the various rollers available on the market.


The size of the roller contains of two values: length and diameter. Length is important if, for example, we want to roll the entire back – we should use long roller (70 cm and more) it will cover the entire massed surface. The smaller rollers, however, are much more handy and precise – using them is easier to concentrate on a particular muscle group. They are also more convenient to store. They can be easily taken for any training or travel. The compromise can be a twisted roller.


The roller surface may be smooth or have smaller and larger projections to reach deep layers of muscles. The smooth roller is more universal. You can use it to massage different body parts. Roller with the studs requires more skills and can’t be used for everything (it’s not recommended for example for the massage of the spine area). Thanks to the studs, we can work with high-tension muscle fibers, perceived as “rice grains” or lumps. This causes an effective loosening of the muscles and its structures.

Maximum load

Rollers are very durable. For most of them, the maximum user weight is 200 kilograms or more. The exception are the lightest and most soft rollers, made of EPE material, with a permissible load of 120 kg. Despite their high strength, each roller will become deformed over time. Rollers with lower density of the material will be deformed sooner. We are still talking about a really long period of time, and you do not have to worry that our roller will “use itself” too quickly.

Myofascial massage with the usage of roller is extremely effective and easy to do at home and in the gym. It helps to improve the elasticity of the fascia, relax the muscles after the workout and relieve the pain. Therefore, it is good to think about which roller we need and invest in the right equipment..