BR114 HMS



BR114 HMS – is a support belt. It is made of neoprene covered with nylon, so it is extremely helpful in achieving the dream figure and slimming down one of the most problematic place on our body which is around the waist.

The BR114 HMS belt is very versatile and can be worn in almost every daily situation. However, its effectiveness increases with increasing physical activity. During workout we provide our body with a large dose of heat, metabolism accelerates, and the fat is being burned. Exercises while using the BR114 HMS belt allow you to get rid of unnecessary centimeters up to 15 times faster than during regular training.

BR114 HMS belt support is very light and comfortable. It does not cause any discomfort even during all day wear. The comfort of its use is guaranteed by a zip fastening and 5-step circuit adjustment, that allows you to perfectly adjust the size of the belt to the user. An additional advantage of our waist belt is its width – up to 25 cm.


  • Material: neoprene + nylon
  • Colour: grey
  • Dimensions:
    • length: 128 cm
    • width: 25 cm
  • Waist adjustment (every 10 cm): 88 – 128 cm
  • Size: universal
  • Convenient zip fastener
  • Not for commercial use
  • 24 months warranty