S8500 HMS mini stepper


S8500 HMS mini stepper S8500 HMS mini stepper S8500 HMS mini stepper




Improve Your condition, model the thighs or arms, lift the buttocks, help to loose weight and get rid of cellulite – quickly and comfortably. Thanks stepper S8500 of HMS brand, you’ll find that tangible results can be achieved without having to leave home and spend hours in the gym.

Small dimensions and low weight of the device allow you to easily and quickly find a place even in a small apartment. Comfort of the exercises is increased by specially contoured wide pedals. They are covered with a non-slip material, which guarantees maximum safety even during training at a rapid pace.

S8500 has a clear display, which will help you monitor the progress of activities. Just one glance – you do not have to stop exercising to check the number of repetitions, calories burned or training time. Its advantage is the possibility to adjust the resistance – the height adjustment degrees.

This model is a stepper torsion, which makes the exercise are involved, not only the muscles of legs and buttocks and waist. In addition, the attached links allow for the activation of the upper body muscles – mostly arm and shoulder, spine and abdomen. You can now harmoniously model the entire body.

Importantly, you never gonna get you weary, because you are free to modify the exercises, engage shoulders, adjusted the beating previous records or the maximum number of repetitions. No matter what level of play you are, how old you are, whether you want to lose some weight, or improve your fitness – with stepperowi S8500 reach your goals safely and in a short time. All that in your own home!


  • Adjustable resistance
  • Tension adjustment – height adjustment
  • Two hydraulic cylinders
  • Maximum user weight: 100 kg
  • Dimensions:
    • length: 40 cm
    • width: 43 cm
    • height: 24 cm
  • Total weight: 9.5 kg

  • Fitness equipment for exercising leg muscles and buttocks
  • Computer:
    • time
    • countdown
    • number of repetitions per minute
    • calories
    • scan

  • Not for commercial use
  • 24 months warranty