WH118A Nils Extreme scooter


WH118A Nils Extreme scooter WH118A Nils Extreme WH118A Nils Extreme scooter WH118A Nils Extreme

nils extreme



WH118A Nils Extreme scooter is made for children, youth and even adults who weight no more than 80kg. Riding a scooter trains the strength necessary for cycling, teaches the sense of balance and strengthens the musculature. Children acquire awareness of speed, steering and braking. It is well suited for driving on asphalt park alleys, cobbled sidewalks as well as driving off-roads. Large, inflated wheels allow to smoothly overcome unevenness of the terrain. Bigger front wheel improves steering abilities.



  • Material: double steel frame
  • Steering wheel height adjustment range:
    • minimum height: 85 cm
    • maximum height: 100 cm
  • No folding possibility
  • Front and rear handbrake
  • Deck size:
    • length: 36 cm
    • width: 12 cm
  • Material on deck: plastic
  • Grips material: rubber
  • Maximum user weight: 80 kg
  • Wheels: inflated 16”i 12” – bigger front wheel improves the steering abilities
  • Rims: aluminum
  • Stand: yes
  • Net weight: 9,5kg

    REMARKS :                            

  • Not for commercial use
  • 24 months warranty