Tiger Street Workout 2019


HMS supports a passion for sports new disciplines. On 2019.06.08-09 in Krakow, the Tiger Street Workout Championship took place. It was one of the largest street workout events in Poland. The two-day competition in the freestyle category and strength category were combined with demonstrations and workshops that lasted from June 3 in the vicinity of Galeria Krakowska.

Apart from experienced and debuting players, you could also meet famous street workout players such as Natalia Modzelewska – the triple world street workout champion, Jay Smallspartan Chris – the founder of the British BarSparta team, Piotr Majchrzak – a titled contestant, Mateusz Płachta – the six-time Polish champion in the freestyle category and street workout promoter and Maksym Riznyk – the founder of Riznyk Street Workout School and the first Street Workout Poland Group in Poland.

The winners of the freestyle crown category were: Olek Waszkiewicz, Mateusz Zakrzewski, and Mateusz Nowicki.

HMS supported the event providing awards in all categories.