Every child loves playing outdoors and one of the favorite games is swinging. It develops a sense of balance, it forces the whole body to be active and, at the same time, it gives a lot of fun. Swinging can also be a great form of relax. All of these thanks to a single product – so called the stork nest. Original stork nest swings under the NILS CAMP brand ensure much fun for the whole family. We present the NB5038 model.

Perfectly suited for hanging in the garden, on a terrace or a balcony. In case of a bad weather, it can also be used at home. Installation is very simple, so in a few seconds it is ready to be used. A swing has a round, 100 cm diameter seat, which means it can accommodate more than just one lover of this fun. This is an unquestionable advantage since we all know that the fun is greater when it is shared with somebody. Due to adjustment option of the fastening ropes we can adjust the height of the product to the height of a user. In combination with a maximum load equal 150 kg it means no matter light or heavy, tall or short one, the swing is for everyone. For children, great fun and play, and a relax for parents.

The seat is a cobweb made from ropes that gives a lot of opportunities to play and it is comfortable at the same time. Hence, playing lasts a lot of time. All of the ropes are made of a very durable polyethylene. The frame is protected by means of a special foam. Everything to maximize safety. Additionally, materials the swing is made from are resistant to adverse weather conditions such as the rain or the snow. Therefore, there is no need to de-install the swing as soon as it starts raining.

NB5038 is an ideal proposal for you and your children.


  • Material:
    • Rope: PE
    • Seat: PE rope
    • Frame: steel, foam
  • Wheel diameter: 100 cm
  • Length of the rope: 180 cm
  • Diameter of the rope: 10 mm
  • Diameter of the seat rope: 5 mm
  • Section of the wheel’s frame 25 x 1 mm
  • Max. load: 150 kg
  • Product weight: 3,60 kg
  • Not for commercial use
  • 24 months warranty