Sunbathing is an excellent form of relaxation for the entire family. A good beach mat is surely a good idea. The NC2220 Nils is perfect for sunbathing during summer days.

The NC2220 Nils is made of strong PP and polyester and will last for many seasons. It’s a perfect replacement for a blanket, but it’s also more durable. Its structure makes it easy to keep the mat clean. It can be folded and unfolded very easily. After folding it can be wrapped by means of a Velcro strap and carried from a place to a place not worrying about spontaneous unfolding. The mat is available in three color versions so everyone will surely choose something for himself/herself.

NC2220 Nils is equipped with an inbuilt inflatable pillow assuring a high level comfort despite its touristic size. It provides comfort of use and the willingness to use the beach mat for long hours!


  • Material top: fleece
  • Material bottom: PE aluminium
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 220 cm
    • Width: 200 cm
  • Not for commercial use
  • 24 months warranty