Sunbathing is one of favorite forms of summer recreation. It’s good to have something with you protecting from the sun, providing shade and, at the same time, from the wind. The best solution is a beach tent. Easy to pitch, durable and functional. Here we come with original NILS CAMP tents. We present the NC3142 model.

It’s a self-unfolding beach tent. Its dimensions guarantee comfort and convenience of use The main advantage of the NC3142 model is that it unfolds by itself. Just take it out of the cover and put it on the ground. In a few seconds the tent is ready. Consequently, you can benefit from a blissful rest in a second. Thanks to the included pegs the product does not dislocate and there is no risk of wind issues.

NC3142 has been made of the highest quality materials. The material on the floor is waterproof, so a damp sand is not a problem. In the tent, a ventilation grid has been installed to assure the air flow inside. The tent also has a coating protecting from UV rays.

The NC3142 model is spacious, but it takes very little space when folded. It fits a comfortable bag part of the set, which protects the product and facilitates the transport.

To make sunbathing simpler, a picnic blanket is an ideal addition to this unique tent. NILS CAMP brand offers a wide range of blankets, with the best parameters and interesting design. Such a set is a guarantee of a wonderful time spent on the beach.


  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 150 cm
    • Width: 120 cm
    • Height: 95,5 cm
  • Dimensions when folded:
    • Diameter: 60 cm
    • Height: 4 cm


  • Material: 170T polyester with 25spf UV-resistant coating
  • Frame: Glass fiber diameter 5 mm
  • Floor: PE, water resistance 1000 mm
    • Not for commercial use
    • 24 months warranty