Sunbathing, camping or sleeping outdoors in a tent are certainly favorite attractions for many of us. However, comfort depends on proper equipment. Original NILS CAMP self-inflating mats assure comfort of use regardless of the conditions we face. We present the NC4018 model equipped with a pillow.

The self-inflating mat, as the name suggests, does not require any effort to prepare it for use. Simply unscrew the valve and wait for it to reach the correct level of inflation. Next, just close it. At the same time one can focus on a tent, and when it has finished, the mat is simply ready to use. For the best possible adjustment of the mat to your needs you can inflate the mat yourself. We also don’t have to worry about a pillow since the model NC4018 has the pillow already integrated. Due to this solution you can save space. Level of comfort is perfect and a successful rest converts into more energy to work.

The folded mat takes very little space and the folding method is very simple. Simply unscrew the valve and roll up the mat, starting from the top. We don’t have worry that it can unfold because it has been equipped with two snap-on tapes. Once rolled up, fasten it and that’s it. Additionally, you get a a handy cover where you can pack your mat. This makes transportation much easier and its protects the mat from a damage. Since the entire set weights 1 kg only it is very easy to have it during every trip.

The product is made of the highest quality materials so certainly it can not be damaged by uneven ground; it will be your company for many seasons. Nevertheless, if the mat suffers from a minor damage for any reason, a repair kit has been attached to it. Due to it, you can repair the defect very quickly and easily.

The NC4018 mat is the best companion for every expedition.


  • Material: 190T polyester, PVC, high density PU foam, plastic valve
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 188 cm
    • Width: 66 cm
    • Height: 3.5 cm
  • Dimensions when folded:
    • Length: 65 cm
    • Diameter: 17 cm
  • Product weight: 1000 g
  • Pillow: yes
  • Included repair kit
  • Not for commercial use
  • 24 months warranty