NILS Extreme leading the way alongside Rollerblade and K2? Of course it is! We are pleased to announce that the German portal – Alles Beste has awarded our roller blades the title of Best roller blades in the “recreational roller blades” category.

Allesbeste is an independent German portal that tests products from various brands. Their mission is to discuss tested products and identify the best in a given category to help consumers make purchasing decisions.

In their own words: “Our recommendations are not based on unexamined algorithms or multiple supposedly objective individual evaluations. Instead, we decide individually and holistically, on the basis of results of our tests and comparisons, in close collaboration between the editorial team and the test editor, which product is currently the best choice for whom and for what application.”

21 different models of roller blades took part in the Allesbeste test. The editors of the portal chose the best in four different categories. The table of results:

  • Category: winner – K2,
  • Category recreational skating – NILS Extreme,
  • Category: fast skating – K2,
  • Category: Freestyle – Powerslide.
  • How was our best model described?

    “A little soft, but still stable shoe. Optimal for beginners to roller skating, for advanced skaters – a precarious feeling of stability while skating. The roller skates by NILS EXTREME enable an uncomplicated entry into the roller skating world. Although there is some slack in the lower part, which affects the stability, the roller blades are recommended for recreational skating and, at the same time, they provide a comfortable ride. Anyone who wants to start skating quickly at a reasonable price should opt for the Nils Extreme model. The roller blades are comfortable to wear, have beginner-friendly 80-millimeter wheels with high-quality ball bearings and – what is also important – they can be put on quickly. The motto is: just put them on and go! During our test rounds, we also noticed that the center of gravity is low: Thanks to the low center of gravity, riding the Nils roller blades can be learned quickly. By the way: the Nils Extreme roller blades are almost identical in terms of the design to the SMJ Sport men’s blades, which we also tested. However, due to the higher quality of materials, we definitely choose the Nils Extreme. One feature makes the roller blades very unique: the skids which the wheels are attached to are made of aluminum. This should ensure a long product life – you also get the impression that the roller blades are a bit stiffer and, consequently, that overloads are transferred to the wheels a bit more directly than in case of visually very similar competitors. From among all of the roller blades tested, however, Nils Extreme has one of the best price/performance ratios and therefore receives a clear recommendation from us.”


  • NA2150,