Privacy and cookies policy.


What are cookies?

Cookies are simple text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device by a website’s server. They allow to save information sent between website and web browser. Cookies are used to remember forms data and websites settings, to count frequency of website visits. They are used for the proper probes handling, storing the selected language settings or shopping in online stores. Properly configured cookies are safe and harmless and only server that created them is able to retrieve or read its contents.


Why do we use cookies?

Thanks to cookies, you can adjust websites to your needs and preferences. Cookies allow to distinguish website visitors and allow to display specific contents to adequate users. Thanks to them, you receive fully personalized contents. Storing information sent in cookies is in no way associated with the collection of personal data or saving other confidential information.


What types of cookies can our  server use?

Within this site, it is possible that we use three types of cookies.
Session cookies (temporary cookies) are files generated while browsing the site. They are not stored on your computer and they expire when you terminate your browser session. Without them, some applications or features may not work properly.
Persistent cookies are being stored on the device when you visit a website, so the next time you open it you and your preferences can be recognized.
Third party cookies allow the optimization of marketing communications, allow to count the website user traffic and to personalize website content (e.g. advertising) that come from outside sources.


How to modify the cookies settings?

The mechanism of saving and sending cookies depends on the configuration of the web browser installed on your computer or mobile device. It is possible to block some or all cookies from any website through your browser settings, but you need to be aware that you might lose some functions and it may cause some limitations in the website usage and functionality.

Copyright notice

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