Gryf prosty olimpijski 200cm HMS

 GO 200/180/150/120cm HMS



GO 200, 180, 150, 120cm HMS is a Straight Olympic Bar for spring clips. To ensure a secure and comfortable grip, the gripping part is carefully knurled. The set includes two screw clips.

This type of clips this type provide a stable position of the weight on the neck during exercise. Nut have rubber seals to prevent loosening and load. Part of the bar is threaded, allowing for quick and safe placement of load .

Equipment was made from full steel rod< /b>, which has undergone a hardening process. The diameter of the neck amounting to 28 mm (GO 120: 25 mm) provides high strength and comfort exercise. Used chrome plating process neck is guaranteed to keep its appearance for a very long period of use, is also the best protection against rust.

Straight bar HMS available in the following versions: GO 200: 200cm, GO 180: 180cm, GO 150: 150cm, GO 120: 120cm.


  • Material: hardened steel
  • Finishing grip portion: knurled
  • Equipped with safety bushings
  • It is suitable for loads with a hole having a diameter of 50 mm
  • Corrosion protection: chrome
  • Ideal for strengthening the upper body muscles , exercises on the bench and lifting weights
  • Clips: spring
  • Number of clips: 2 pieces
  • Dimensions:
    • GO 200 cm: length: 200cm; weight: 16,20kg; diameter: 50mm
    • GO 180 cm: length: 180cm; weight: 14,00kg; diameter: 50mm
    • GO 150 cm: length: 150cm; weight: 12,90kg; diameter: 50mm
    • GO 120 cm: length: 120cm; weight: 7,90kg; diameter: 50mm
  • Gripping part dimensions:
    • GO 200 cm: gripping part length: 110cm; gripping part diameter: 28mm
    • GO 180 cm: gripping part length: 110cm; gripping part diameter: 28mm
    • GO 150 cm: gripping part length: 90cm; gripping part diameter: 28mm
    • GO 120 cm: gripping part length: 83cm; gripping part diameter: 25mm
  • Load part length:
    • GO 200cm: 2 x 39cm
    • GO 180cm:
    • GO 150cm: 2 x 27cm
    • GO 120cm: 2 x 17,5cm
  • Locking sleeve width:
    • GO 200cm: 2 x 4cm
    • GO 180cm:
    • GO 150cm: 2 x 3cm
    • GO 120cm: 2 x 2cm
  • Maximum load:
    • GO 200 cm: 150 kg
    • GO 180 cm: 100 kg
    • GO 150 cm: 100 kg
    • GO 120 cm: 100 kg
  • Not for commercial use
  • 24 months warranty